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Jelly Drops

what are jelly drops?

Jelly Drops are designed to boost your water intake. These sweets are made from 95% water, are sugar free and created with 6 delicious natural flavours.

Even though they’re 95% water, Jelly Drops don’t ‘burst’ as you may expect. We’ve specifically made them with a solid texture, but are still super easy to chew.

Jelly Drops - A fun and healthy snack, helping boost hydration one drop at a time.

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Getting started with Jelly Drops is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Our incredible community says it better than we ever could...

" We were so thrilled to get our first batch of jelly drops "
" orange is her favourite flavour"
" My dad loving the new @JellyDrops_ - great idea "