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It seems like behind every tray of Jelly Drops, there is a story - and when it comes to stories about Jelly Drops, our incredible community says it better than we ever could! That’s why we wanted to share some of these amazing stories with you.

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My Nan has moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease and we got our first box of Jelly drops today and she ate 3 in 5 mins! Which is brilliant as we strug...
This is from mum's 90th Birthday! Mum absolutely loves them. They are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for making these. They have changed her...
My lovely Nan on her 102nd birthday earlier this month, enjoying another couple of boxes of Jelly Drops 🥰
My Mum keeps them in the fridge on warm days then takes a few out a time for him to enjoy in the garden. 
Thank you so much to Lewis and the team for our delivery of Jelly Drops! One very happy customer.
Help! My husband has found it easier to swallow his medication with jelly drops and has become "addicted". I thought we had too many but now we’re ...
So these are a big hit! Happier and hydrated Mum #jellydrops @JellyDrops_ #dementia Tangerine @DementiaUK #livingwithdementia. 
My mum who has Alzheimer's and lives in a care home has been eating her way through the trays of jelly drops that we have bought her. The staff at ...
Caring for someone with #dementia hydration is a challenge on a daily basis. These were definitely a hit & half a box were eaten this evening!
The results are in: Marj tried three Jelly Drops in a row then decided she wasn't 'for' them. To be fair she's a chocolate fan through and through....
The box is open and he’s tucking in. He hasn’t touched his water today but if he keeps eating these I know he’ll be getting some water in. Thank you!
We've been sent some colourful, tasty Jelly Drops to try out this week. The drops are bright and bold, and easy for residents to enjoy independently. 
Bought for my mum who is on end of life care , she’s on oxygen constantly and gets a very dry throat especially during the night and on hot days sh...
Excellent, exactly what we need, it can be so difficult trying to get fluids into my husband, who has dementia, but he loves these and helps so muc...
We are SO excited to have Jelly Drops here at Cavendish Park! These scrumptious sweets are sugar free and 95% water, helping to prompt and encourag...
Brilliant, been following since first seeing them. Managed to get a tray for my nana to try and she loves them and they put our mind at ease for th...
We love that they allow residents to hydrate independently, and with reduced agitation.
Gran really enjoyed them, she said 'the sweets you got me are delicious'. She is terrible at drinking water usually. 
Many thanks to you all for producing such a fantastic product.
She loves the jelly drops and my mum who cares for my Nan says she leaves them on the table next to her. The colours catch her eye, so whenever she...
Look what just arrived! I have been so excited about these since I heard of them at Alzheimer's Society. 
My mum absolutely loves them. But she is a bit slow in eating them. They are amazing and i cannot thank you enough for making these.
We are now experimenting with ‘Jelly Drops’... There is a very long waiting list for this product so we are happy to be able to offer them to our C...
This is a great way of topping up her fluid intake. And more importantly she enjoys them which gives me great reassurance.
Normally she doesn't feel like eating or drinking but she will happily help herself to them as she sees them as sweets.
Today we have been experimenting with Jelly Dropsand it's safe to say our residents loved them!
Love how the jelly drops engage with all the senses too. Visually bright, very tasty, nice to feel, nice smell.
SO HAPPY to say they have gone down a treat! She loves them, had them 1/2 hour and had 3 already!
We’re taking time introducing them and they’re constantly in reach but, it is so encouraging to see Trev reaching for them and helping himself as a...
He tried them and absolutely loved them! “These little beauties melt in your mouth”!
My mother calls them her "Christmas tree decorations" and loves them.  
It generally takes her about a day to get through a box of them hence I have now subscribed!
My dad loving the new @JellyDrops_ helping to boost his daily water intake
Absolutely fantastic idea, honestly cannot rate these highly enough.
She has gone from not responding with more than a nod or a look to talking and even asking me questions. Asked her for a smile and she gave me this. 
She enjoys them and eats them readily, it's a pleasure to see. 
In the recent hot weather, the Jelly Drops, which I keep in the fridge once I’ve opened a tray, have been a ‘life saver’ – almost literally. 
She thinks she's being naughty because she thinks they're like York fruits but without the sugar. She's diabetic and it was really important to us ...
These are brilliant for the elderly and were a success with our residents.
We were so thrilled to get our first batch of jelly drops. 
My Nan is finishing 1 tray a day & will order enough for 2 trays a day once I am able to as she barely drinks at all
Brilliant success. Can not recommend these enough, hopefully you are hugely successful, if the cost can drop then I can see only success and a lot ...
Orange is her favourite flavour!
a HUGE thank you for the truly speedy delivery of my 'test' box to my father who has final stage Parkinson's. HE LOVES THEM!
They’re a hit with my children! ♥️
My Nan loves them and they allow us to get fluids into her without the stress of getting to drink all the time
Once he’d tried all the flavours he shared them round, which was always the plan
I really cannot thank you enough for such a fantastic product!
I really liked them and love jelly anyway. Out of 13 residents, only one didn’t like them. I would buy them again
They are a massive hit with my Nan and she is now eating a box a day
Delivered to my Dad today. He wouldn’t drink at all yesterday but seems to be ok on these, he’s been studying them & their shape apparently- he...
My father has had some very good days since enjoying the Jelly Drops, and I think it might well be down to the replenishing of the salts.. he just ...
My Nan found them really easy to pick up and is able to eat them without aid
we are constantly 'nagging' her to drink more but she is happy to eat jelly drops with little encouragement.
My dad doesn't eat very much these days but he really enjoyed his jelly drop and even offered me one and he doesn't communicate very much anymore e...
The drops make a great difference to how well mum performs tasks throughout the day.
After a slow start, Mum loves them. I have seen a reduction in her blood sugar levels, with these she is getting more hydration.
I gave some to my friend’s sister who has MND and constantly experiences a dry mouth.
This is amazing for my daughter who's 9, we find it hard to get her to drink much.
My mum is really enjoying the jelly drops, they are a quick easy enjoyable way to boost her liquid intake
He had found them very refreshing and enjoyable so much so that he had demolished a tray off within a day.
Thank you so much, I can finally stop worrying about whether my autistic son is getting enough to drink.
i gave the first box of jelly drops to my nan on Sunday, it’s safe to say she loved them!! she’s struggled the last two days drinking especially wi...
Mum had eaten all the Jelly Drops over the course of the day and remembered enough to tell me that she liked them and wanted more! Now that’s what ...