About Us

Why We’re Here

We are a young fast growing company with an incredible team learning lots along the way. We are united in our mission to help improve the lives of millions by creating truly inclusive healthy treats that support hydration. Guided by inclusive design principles, we made Jelly Drops to serve as many people as possible – including those often underserved by conventional products.

The concept was initially developed with the support of my Chief Research partner, Grandma Pat! Other than just being a good excuse to see more of Granny - working closely together was integral to Jelly Drops’ success. As we continue to grow we never want to lose touch with our community. We are always keen to hear your feedback (share by clicking here) and are constantly innovating behind the scenes with the aim to help more people.

Why We’re All About Inclusive Design

It means we make thoughtful products that are intuitive, usable and enjoyable - for as many people as possible. This approach influences every aspect of Jelly Drops - the unique shape, packaging, ingredients, and even our website. It reduces social and physical barriers that would otherwise prevent some from being able to enjoy Jelly Drops. We continuously work to broaden our reach and are proud of the diversity of our community - because who doesn’t love a tasty treat!

How It All Started

I was inspired to create Jelly Drops because my grandma Pat, who had dementia, was struggling to hydrate. I went to live in her care home for a month to see if I could help - I realised whilst she struggled to drink, she still loved treats, and so did everybody else! The insights gained from my time there lead me to develop Jelly Drops. In an environment where there are a lot of medical devices, I wanted Jelly Drops to be stigma-free. Something that could be shared by all and bring people together.

After clips of granny eating her drops went viral (over 100million views!) I soon learnt that Jelly Drops could benefit so many more. People going through chemotherapy, people with learning difficulties, and people that just wanted a healthy snack were amongst the thousands that reached out to me. Determined to make them as accessible as possible, I gathered a small team and spent the next 18 months developing the concept. Today, Jelly Drops are truly designed for everyone!

Promoting Healthy Living For All

Considering Jelly Drops’ origins we are naturally huge fans of the care sector and anyone promoting healthy living for all! We love to use our platform to celebrate initiatives and individuals making a difference in their communities. We’re also very grateful to the Alzheimer's Society - as they were one of the first organizations to recognise Jelly Drops’ potential and helped support our journey to market, in return we commit 1% of our profits to their cause.

Patented: GB2591727B
Worldwide patents pending: WO2020/128531 and WO2022/208070.