She thinks she's being naughty

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I can't thank you enough for coming up with this. My mum wasn't diagnosed with Dementia till October 2019. For two and a half years we knew there were changes, and part of that was keeping hydrated.

Many a time of infections and no energy, I saw about Jelly Drops when it first appeared on Facebook and immediately kept watching your progress and of course ordered our first ones as soon as they were launched.

She thinks she's being naughty because she thinks they're like York fruits but without the sugar. She's diabetic and it was really important to us that she felt she could have naughty things.

We can't afford to do weekly subscription, mainly because she forgets occasionally she likes them, she'll eat 8-12 a day which has greatly improved her situation, which allows us to spread the cost slightly. She likes the flavours and finds them refreshing.

We will continue to order as it's the best solution to nagging about drinking, she gets annoyed with this, so saying 'here have a jelly' and she'll eat what's in front of her.