He tried them and absolutely loved them! “These little beauties melt in your mouth”!

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My Grandad was skeptical at first about the drops - he is 93 and showing signs of dementia so anything new can be hard. However, when we convinced him to try the drops he called them 'little beauties that melt in your mouth'. 
At the moment we are unable to visit him as he lives in Merseyside and I live in Surrey and work in a school, so with Covid-19 it just hasn't been possible. He has carers visit him each day in his flat and they have been asked to encourage him to eat a few Jelly drops each day and we have Facetime calls with him too, but as with many people his age, each day is different and one day he loves things, the next they are a nuisance.
At the moment he is only eating a few drops each day but we are hoping to build it up and get it into his daily routine to eat more, especially in the hot weather we have had recently! Thank you so much for such a great product and great customer service!