My mother calls them her "Christmas tree decorations" and loves them.

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My name is Alice, I was an intensive care nurse. 5 years ago we needed to buy a house with an annexe so that I could look after my mother full time. She has dementia. I provide meals/ drinks for my mother throughout the day. Frequently, however, I will pop back into the annexe and my mother is fast asleep and there is a full cup of tea going cold on the table beside her! I could always spot the signs of dehydration …….. she was less steady on her feet, less cognoscente and just working under par. Last year a dementia specialist visited and told me about Jelly Drops. They were not yet in production. I signed up to the website so that I would be informed when the Jelly drops were available.

Last month (May 2020) we had our first trays of Jelly Drops delivered. I was delighted and also apprehensive. Thankfully they have been a huge success. We have subscribed for monthly deliveries. The weather has been very hot so I keep a tray in the fridge so that they are cold and fresh for my mother. I have found it is easier for our circumstances to pop two jelly drops in a pot along side the medicine pot. My mother has them the same time as her tablets (three times a day). I know they wouldn’t be eaten if I just left the tray of jellies on my mother’s table.

My mother calls them her "Christmas tree decorations" and loves them. I am so happy to have a product that assists and compliments my mother’s hydration needs. Having used them for a month, I have noticed the benefits for my mother. It is reassuring to know that there are no 'baddies' in the drops. They are completely safe. I have now ordered some for my mother in law who is in a nursing home.